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Ford, Geoff, Encyclopedia of Australian Potter's Marks, p.204 (detail)

Geoff Ford’s Encyclopedia of Australian Potter’s Marks documents potters and potteries active before 1975 but includes marks used after this period. I thought it might be useful to provide an index of entries in the encyclopedia for potters active in the 1960s-1970s and beyond. Having marks recorded for these potters provides a good start but collectors will need to go to a wide range of other directories to cover the field, and many marks are still unrecorded.

Alexander, Doug
Ardern, Elsa
Beck, Robert
Blakebrough, Les
Bovill, Gillian
Brereton, Kevin
Carnegie, Francis
Douglas, Molly
Dunn, Phyl
Englund, Ivan
Englund, Patricia
Garnsey, Wanda
Garrett, John
Gazzard, Marea
Gilbert, John
Greenaway, Victor
Halpern, Artur
Halpern, Stanislav
Halpern, Sylvia

Hick, William
Hughan, Harold
Juckert, Eric
Kemety, John
Keys, Eileen
Laycock, Helen
Laycock, Peter
Leckie, Alex
Le Grand, Henri
Levy, Colin
Lowe, Allan
Maddock, Beatrice
McConnell, Carl
McLaren, Gus
McLaren, Betty
McMeekin, Ivan
Memmott, Harry
Mitchell, Cynthia
Moon, Milton

Pate, Klytie
Peterkin, Les
Preston, Reg
Rushforth, Peter
Sadler, Ken
Sahm, Bernard
Sayers, Joan
Schulze, Robert A.
Shaw, Edward
Smith, Derek
Smith, Ian (SA)
Sprague, Ian
Taylor, David
Travis, Peter
Tuckson, Margaret
Warren, Peggy
Welch, Robin
Wilton, Charles



  1. Hello, I am a pottery student studing 1900 to 1950’s period of ceramics particularly Eric Juckert have you information that I could source?
    Thank You

  2. Hi Heather, Apart from the entry in Ford’s Encyclopedia, very little information is available on Eric Juckert.

    Ford tells us that he was born in 1918 and started potting in 1936, working with Una Deerbon at her studio in Melbourne. In 1937 he made a range of wares sold by Myers and David Jones under the name Jacqueline. From 1938-1950 he worked in a studio at Caulfield. He went to England for a time (and Mexico too, according to an eBay seller), then in 1967 he set up a studio on Phillip Island south of Melbourne.

    His work turns up a lot on eBay and there are examples for sale there this week.


    1. I have recently aquired a circular wooden decorative wall charger which has ERIC JUCKERT PHILLIP ISLAND written on the back. I am curious as to whether he did much timber work.

      1. I’ve seen several of these on eBay plus the one John Willis mentions below, so I would judge yes – but not much has been published about Eric Juckert’s work yet, so I don’t have any more details.

  3. Thanks Judith. I live close to where he lived a Grossard Point in Phillip[ Island. I have interviewed some old friends of Eric Juckert and am currrently writng an essay on his life and works.
    Thanks for your help

  4. Good luck on the Eric Juckert project. I will follow with interest. Look at Shapiro Auctions they have items from Eric himself.

  5. Picked up a large wooden plater /wall plate with spear decoration signed on front and information on back, Eric Jukert Phillip Island no date.

  6. Hi.I have had a piece of Edward Shaw pottery for many years. Shavian hobart marked. with a Tasmanian map.where can I get it appraised?
    Also have a piece marked Koala I can not find any info.Where can I get more info on Koala or send pics?

    1. Hi Rose, there is a list of approved valuers on the Australian Government Cultural Gifts Program website, Geoff Ford provides appraisal services via his website and so do many auction houses specialising in decorative arts. eBay can also be a good source of information if you don’t want to pay appraisal fees. I’m sorry, I can’t help you with your koala piece – the mark is not in my database – but you could try posting images to the Identifying Australian Pottery group on flickr.

      1. Actually, there is an entry on Koala Pottery in Geoff Ford’s Encyclopedia of Australian marks. It was set up by a Mr Kerslake in Oyster Bay, Sydney, in 1944 and operated until 1963.

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