Mystery potter #10: Ditmar Urbach

Sphere. 1995 Sphere. 1995. Base

This spherical vase is only 10 cm (4 inches) high but it has a great deal of charm and assurance. The straw coloured body is painted freehand with burnt orange bands separated by thin brown lines. The interior is glazed a dark brown. This colour is also echoed on the two counterpoised curving arms. The base is faintly inscribed 13/4/95. The only other distinguishing mark is a painted ‘C’ that may have been added later. It was recently acquired and, apart from the date, I have no idea of its provenance.


Will K. reports on Identifying Australian pottery 1960s to date that he has a similar pot with the same mark and an original paper sticker identifying the maker as the Czechoslovakian manufacturer Ditmar Urbach. This means that my pot is not only not Australian, but may be dated much earlier than 1995, as the Ditmar Urbach factory closed down in 1937. My pot is still packed away, but as soon as I can get to it, I will check the inscribed date and report back.


One comment

  1. Hi, Should start by saying I love your website and seeing what interseting new bits of Australian pottery you find and add on here for display. With this vase you have by Ditmar Urbach it is stirkingly similiar to ones I have had in the past that were from the Art deco period and made in czeckoslavakia. Thye frequently appear on ebay and come in a range of colours with the prange and cream type you have being the most common. Hope this helps. Peter

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