Mystery potter #1: Rodger Macready

R? Macready. Serving bowl. 1990s?

R? Macready. Serving bowl. 1990s? Base.Macready. Mark 2Macready mark 3

This beautifully made serving bowl with its finely speckled leopard skin glaze, and blaze of red colour has a quite legible signature – R? Macready. It was listed on eBay in March 2005. The glaze is characteristic of the potter’s work going by two similar pieces that have been listed on eBay since then, a teapot and a casserole dish. These have a full signature (see marks 2 and 3 below) but the first name is hard to decipher – Ruby? Ridge? – I’m not sure. I am guessing that this piece dates from the 1990s.

Postscript: I’m inclined to agree with Liz that the first name is Rodger, but I still can’t find an Australian potter with this name in the published literature. We now have a vase in the same style bought from a Bendigo op shop, just signed ‘Rodger’.

Postscript 2: We recently found some more pieces in this style, some marked ‘Rodger Macready’, others ‘Pottery Loft’. The Pottery Loft still has a directory presence at 360 The Entrance Rd, Erina Heights, NSW. There is an article on its imminent closure in the Central Coast Express Advocate (February 13th, 2009, Page 43, which says that it had been set up originally by Rodger Macready and his wife Hilliary, and that they had sold it to the current owners in around 1991.

Erina Heights is 80-90 kilometres south of Newcastle, so this seems to fit in with Elaine’s information. I am still pursuing the Kyabram, Victoria, connection.

Postscript 3: Rodger Mcready was the first thrower employed by Robert Waterson at Redbyrne Potteries, Shepparton, in 1975.


  1. Hi Judith–Liz here. Sorry have not really been part of this site but came across this in a web search for what name I think is “Rodger Macready” on the base of a lovely bowl I picked up today. Couldn’t find anything under Rodger Macready so just tried Macready and this came up first. Your piece in the photo is very similar to mine and the last signature is also closest in resemblance.
    Will try and get a photo up in the next day or two if I can work it out.
    Hope you’re both going well.

  2. this looks like the work of a potter, Rodger Macready who worked in Kyabram, Vic and moved to Newcastle N.S.W


    Elaine Reeves

  3. I sold some of Rodger’s works to various retail outlets in my travels as a rep in Shepparton , and central Victorian towns late 80’s. Also played cricket with Rodger in Kyabram. He worked the kiln on a farm property owned by the Hunter family. Rodger and Hillary were wonderful friendly and kind hearted Christian folk. Rodger was artistic and imaginative . They moved to Nth Nsw and built anew home and pottery business on a Highway up the rest. Lost contact since.
    Al Reeves

      1. Hi Rodger,

        Just wondering if you are still making pots? I bought a beautiful greenish/bluish vase some years ago which fell out of a dresser the other day and broke. I found your “mark” , Pottery Loft, which was on the bottom of the vase, on this web site.
        Are your pots available to buy at e.g. a gallery/shop?


        1. Hi Barbara, my blog is probably not the best place to try and get in touch with Rodger. As he says above, you can look him up on Facebook, but I don’t think he’s making pottery now. He has moved on to other ventures. Regards, Judith

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